Work History

Rome Strip Steel Co.
Position: Engineering Manager

Self Employed
Electrical Eqpt. Sales
Electrical Panel Design & Construction

Crucible Steel Co.
Electrical Engineer

Maintenance Superintendent

Reynolds Metals Company
Electrical Engineer

Electrical Superintendent


  1.  1) For over forty years, before retiring, I worked in the primary metals industry. This experience has been in aluminum mills and in steel mills. Since retiring I have done expert consulting allied with my experience and education. My work experience and consulting has involved direct "hands-on" and management work with:

    a) primary electric substations with voltages up to 115,000 volts;
    b) electrical distribution systems of 480 volts through 13,800 volts;
    c) hot metal rolling mills and cold metal rolling mills with individual motor sizes up to 4,000 HP and material
    speeds as high as 1,500 FPM;
    d) primary aluminum reduction cells with currents of 125,000 amperes, and the associated ancillary operations and machinery at such installations;
    e) aluminum soaking pits;
    f) aluminum melting furnaces;
    g) steel and aluminum annealing furnaces, some with hydrogen atmospheres;
    h) casting of molten steel and aluminum;
    i) steel electric arc furnaces;
    j) and virtually every sort of metal processing machinery used in such facilities, including continuous processing lines, large aluminum scalping machines, contour boring machines, slitting lines, chemical treatment lines, stamping machines, metal painting lines, metal forming lines, wire drawing machinery, stamping presses, hot forging presses, vacuum arc furnaces, induction melting furnaces, etc.

    2) While doing this work I have designed, specified, and assisted with the purchasing of operating equipment for the above operations.

    3) I have also been responsible for the supervising of equipment suppliers and contractors for the design and installation of the buildings and machinery, the machine foundations, utility services, equipment testing, and start-up after construction completion.

    4) I have been intimately familiar with all phases of the equipment design and maintenance, and have been directly responsible for managing the maintenance of the machines during operation, after installation and commissioning.

    5) I have had the direct authority over, and the responsibility for, the safety, hiring and staffing, and effective performance of all engineering and maintenance personnel.

    6) I have acted as the company's representative in all matters relating to utilities, utility purchases, and technical dealings with state and federal agencies.

    7) I have acted as an expert witness in cases involving:

          a) OSHA Rules;
          b) State codes & laws;
          c) Employer non-conformance with codes;
          d) Electrocutions;
          e) Equipment non-performance;
          f) Poor equipment design, both mechanical and electrical;
          g) Poor equipment maintenance;
          h) Improper electrical circuit grounding;
          i) Work-place injuries;
          j) Electrical transformer failures;
          k) Electrical circuit breaker failures;
          l) Improper employee training;
          m) Fire origin & cause;
          n) Industrial furnace failures that result in injuries;
          o) Patent infringement
          p) Industrial zoning
          q) Equipment capacity analysis

8) I have had an association with the following metal processing installations:

      a) Reynolds Metals aluminum reduction plants in Arkadelphia, Arkansas,
            Muscle Shoals, Alabama, & Massena, New York
      b) Reynolds Metals aluminum rolling mill in McCook, Illinois
      c) Crucible Steel mill in Syracuse, New York
      d) Rome Strip Steel mill in Rome, New York
      e) Gibraltar steel mills in Buffalo, New York, & Cleveland, Ohio
      f) A-J Manufacturing steel stamping plant in Bloomer, Wisconsin
      g) A-K Steel mill in Middletown, Ohio
      h) British Steel mill in Llanelli, Wales
      i) I/N Tek's mill in New Carlisle, Indiana
      j) Stripco Steel mill in South Bend, Indiana
      k) Ford Motor stamping plant in Buffalo, New York
      l) Worthington Steel mill in Columbus, Ohio
      m) HYLSA steel mill in Monterrey, Mexico
      n) APM steel mill in Monterrey, Mexico
      o) Pall-Trinity Micro plant in Cortland, New York
      p) Allegheny-Ludlum steel mill in Waterbury, Connecticut
      q) Thomas Steel strip mill in Warren. Ohio
      r) Empresas Nido slitting plant in San Juan, Puerto Rico
      s) Platt Metal slitting operation in San Juan, Puerto Rico
      t) Andes/Inca mill in Lewisville, Texas
      u) Nanjing Iron and Steel mill in Nanjing, China
      v) Steel Authority of India, Ltd.'s, steel mill in Bokaro, India
      w) ThyssenKrupp steel mills in Nashik, India, & Calvert, Alabama
      x) Jindahl Steel mill in Bellary, India
      y) Astro Air aluminum stamping plant in Jacksonville, Texas
      z) Metales, S.A. slitting operation in Panama City, Panama
      aa) ArcelorMittal steel mills in Conshohocken & Coatesville, PA;
      bb) Century Aluminum operation in Charleston, W. Va.;
      cc) North American Stainless mill in Ghent, KY.;
      dd) USX Steel Mon Valley Works mill in West Mifflin, PA;
      ee) General Motors aluminum casting plant in Massena, New York;
      ff) Nucor Steel mill in Blytheville, Arkansas
      gg) Silgan Containers can making plant in Lyons, NY;
      hh) Gerdau mills in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, & Cartersville, Georgia
      ii) Steel Dynamics bar mill in Pittsboro, Indiana
      jj) Republic Steel rolling mill in Lorain, Ohio
      kk) Timet Titanium mill in Morgantown, PA
      ll) Lalani Steel warehouse in Ontario, CA